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Skull  Mother of God  Skull


Woke up at dawn and felt a strong belief in nature spirits, looked out. Black shape. I went to the nearby forest and the journey had begun. Without a direct way, I went through the woods and crossed mountains. Suddenly elated by light, I was under the raven's wings. Numb. Awakened by a thud and the silhouettes of the three. Embrace. The circle was complete. .."The concept of rock n roll and raw energy refers to any number from the beginning to the end of their music. Time Machine and Rebel - this is just a proof that this music fits perfectly with the cold brew in hand.".. - Noise Garden (stoner bands society) ..".. in the band's music you can also find traces of quantities such as Black Sabbath and early Soundgarden. Mother of God will certainly shake the Scandinavian metal / stoner scene for a long time to come." - Fredrik Gleisner, Goatbridge Productions "Wow, a nice surprise in the form of a heavy cracker. The boys delivers stonerrock with quality. As a heavier Mustasch." - Jonas Stentäpp, Dalademokraten .."Mother of God builds their music on the divinity of the riff. And sometimes they actually reach heavenly heights with its heavy, repetitive music.".. - Anders K Gustafsson, Dalarnas Tidningar .."..the material still consistently delivers and they're always good to see live." - John Pegoraro (

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Forging a new Path 


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