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The Wacken Open Air 2012 is just around the corner and many of you are for sure busy at packing. Of course a camera must not miss to capture the most beautifully festival impressions!

Corresponding to this the W:O:A Memories is back!

You can use this editor to print your favorite self-taken pictures or the pictures from our official festival photographers in, for example, the W:O:A Memories photo books (the layout for 2012 will be released shortly after the festival) or choose from several different products and layouts to create complete unique products.

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And so it is done:

There are just 4 simple steps to get your desired product and your Wacken memories:

1.) Choose your Product
Chose one of the several products which can be individual designed like for example:
- W:O:A Memories or blank photo books (portrait or landscape format / A6 – A4 matt)
- canvas with 4cm stretcher frames and your desired scene or impression (sizes 120x80, 60x80, 40x30)
- Premium printed posters on UV-proof 240g/m² paper with impressions in semi-matt or high-polish (60x90, 90x60, DinA3)

2.)Insert your pictures
Deploy your pictures at your chosen products by using the simple editor – it’s 100% online and no software download is needed!
You can upload your own, private Wacken pictures or take the pictures from our official Wacken festival photographers.

3.)Shopping Cart
After you have designed your product according to your desires and filled it with pictures, you have to add it to the shopping cart!

4.)Order & pay
Just enter and check the order, shipping and billing address, choose the payment method and send the order – DONE!

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Shortly after this, you will get your desired product from the postman!
Here are some examples:

This and other products can be found at:

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