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Wacken FanMail - The worldwide first and only HeavyMetal mail service!

In the past we got a lot of requests of fans or whole fanclubs regarding the possibility to establish a fan e-mail address with the ending @wacken.

This wasn´t possible until now but after looking around for a while we have found a fitting partner for this service called

Become a member of the HeavyMetal community "Wacken" now and save your personal Wacken FanMail adress following the pattern "" and costs 0,99€ per month.

Certainly all functions you know from other mail clients like inbox, calendar or contact list are included. But there are also a few extra features like the current weather forecast for Wacken or a newsfeed from to keep you up to date.

Your advantages in a short summary:
- Unique E-Mail adress ""
- E-Mail attachments with a cpaticity of 100mb (for example music and pictures)
- mobile usability for smartphones via POP3 & IMAP
- modern spam & anti-virus safety

In addition there are lots of pictures from W:O:A 2012 and soon 2013 which will decorate your desktop at home.

But that´s not all! The profits of the incomes will be split and donated to the first half to the parish Wacken and to the second to the Wacken Foundation which has devoted itself to support newcomers from the hard and heavy metal music sector.

Register now and tell everybody where you rock -!!!

If you want to see the complete Wacken FanMail scope of services than check out this LINK.

Wacken FanMail

A small overview:

Dashboard - The landingpage. Here you get an overview about the most important functions like: new e-mails at the inbox, W:O:A Newsfeed, weather forecast Wacken, Calender etc.

Contact list - as the name suggests you can save all your personal contacts here.

Inbox - Your personal post box including inbox, outbox, Spam folder etc.

Calendar - Don´t miss a birthday or appointment anymore! The Wacken Open Air is saved as standard

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