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Wacken Mobile App 2014

This year we have improved the popular Wacken App once more by adding several cool new features to it:

- First of all we have added the Augmented Reality Function (once a separate App) to the Wacken App. Your Smartphone acts as some kind of glasses. For that purpose it makes use of the camera and the GPS system. So, if you are on the festival site you can hold your camera in every direction and then the App shows you in a picture several points of interest (for example stages).

- The W:O:A Food Award! After testing this function in the last year you now have the possibility to vote the best food stand of every year. The voting is anonymous and the visitors can rate the taste, the portion size, the price and the hygiene of the stand. You can also leave a comment

- WackenTV – From now on you can see all new videos on WackenTV, our YouTube channel, via your Wacken app. Every day new live videos, backstage footage and interviews.

Further features we are aiming to improve every year:
- News about the festival – always up to date 

- Running Order and Line-Up ready to hand
- Create your personal Running Order (Timeline) and let your smartphone remind you 10 minutes before your favorite band is going on stage.
- Animated Google map including all important Point of Interest
- Tag your position and let your friends know where you are. Furthermore you can switch the positioning service on and off to save your battery.
- Of course the app provides you with a flashlight
- Festival ABC and Opening Hours
- And much more…

The version for Android Devices can be found at the Google Play Store
The version for Apple iPhones can be found at the iTunes Store

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