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ROTTEN STATE represents Crossover in Uruguay, a genre resulting from the merge of Thrash and Hardcore, started in the early 80’s in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York.
Taking the most radical things from both worlds, a style was created, that merged Punk Rock speed with heavy attack of Heavy Metal.
At mid 2011, the guitarist and skater Federico “Kolito” Rossotti (ex Disaster), started to write songs in that direction, inspired by crossover, skating and new generation bands as Municipal Waste or Violator. Then, he meets Juan Carlos Rosas (guitarist too), and the project starts to roll. Soon, the bass player Raul Santos (Hemicuda, Razorbacks) joins them, who “alcoholically” convinces the singer Marcos Motosierra (from the band Motosierra) to join the project.
By October 2011, the band line up was complete with the drummer and also skater Federico “Topito” Figueroa (HeaDShoT, The Devil You Know, EphyrA).
Since then they started working and during December, ROTTEN STATE makes their first live concert (joined by three more), and starts recording the first takes for their debut album.
In early 2012, ROTTEN STATE plays live again, but then came some trouble: Cancelled shows, delays in the mix of the album, and the singer Marcos, broke his left feet playing with his other band, Motosierra, in Argentina: So during this “mandatory” recess of two months, new songs are written, and the studio work for the album was finished.
In June, ROTTEN STATE is ready to their come back to the stage, opening a show for the Argentinian hardcore legend N.D.I. and later, finished their debut album “Kill it yourself”, that was presented live in July 2012 at Montevideo, in front of a fervent audience of more than 350 people, causing frenzy and stir in local Rock, Metal and Hardcore scene.
By the end of 2012, for the first time, the band plays outside Uruguay, making two wild and very remembered shows in Argentina.
Now, in 2013, ROTTEN STATE is ready to release their second album “Sick World”, now as a four-piece band after the departure of guitar player Juan Rosas, with a more powerful, faster and renewed sound.
Finally, after the first ever Metal Battle in Uruguay, they were chosen to represent their country at Wacken Open Air, next August.
To finish, their statement:
“Thrash is back, to blow up heads and discharge adrenaline at high speed! ROTTEN STATE calls to mosh! Skinheads, bangers and punks stand as one! Crossover to a final scene!!”

United Forces!!

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KIll It Yourself 

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