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A metal-head dancing the Kazatchok with a polka fan might be an unusual sight, but high-speed musical sensation Russkaja offers the perfect soundtrack to just such an event. Serving up a mixture of wicked polka beats, trash metal, world jazz and Zappa-Rock, Russkaja are probably the most successful innovators in what they call “Russian Turbo-Polka”.

Russkaja are very Russian, but always with a wink. That’s what happens when a group of Russians, Ukrainians and Austrians decide to start a band in the world capital of classicism, Vienna.

After more than 300 concerts since 2006 all over Europe and great success in their adopted country Austria, their first breakthrough came in Germany with 4 concerts at the world’s greatest Metal festival “Wacken Open Air”. These appearances were swiftly followed by shows at Chiemsee Reggae Festival, Nova Rock, World music and Jazz festivals and more than 30 festivals across the continent. Sounds like a contradiction? No, it’s a statement!

The upcoming album will be their third studio record, after “Kasatchok Superstar” and “Russian Voodoo”, both of which charted in Austria. Made up of skilled and charismatic musicians with varied cultural backgrounds, Russkaja spread their postmodern version of Russian folklore – a version that screams into your ear: “dance, dance, dance!”

Band founder Georgij A. Makazaria was born and raised in Moscow. Affectionately known as ‘the Russian Bear’, Makazaria brings the metal influence to the band. Formerly he was the singer of the Nuclear-Blast signed Trash-Metal band “Stahlhammer” (Steelhammer). According to the band, whose tongues are frequently lodged firmly in their cheeks, he brings the hammer, and the rest of them bring the sickle, the star and the colour red. Georgijs voice, mixed with a rock band setup, plus a violinist and an incredible brass section including an instrument called “Potete” (a unique hybrid of trumpet and trombone) already suggests the lunatic nature of Russkaja’s sound. The Sojusrocket is launching!

With Russkaja, Kasatchok dancing becomes a brawl: the brass section is a Kalashnikov and the stage outfits a mixture of Genghis Khan and the Red Army…..with compliments of the Tzar, of course.

With two successful records in the bag already, more than 300 concerts in 17 countries east and west of the Iron Curtain, Russkaja truly deserve the title “working class heroes”. The first five year plan is more than fulfilled. The next one starts with the new album….

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Kasatchok Superstar 
Russian Voodoo 

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