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The beginnings of the band date back to 2005, when Askeroth started Nachtblut as a solo project. He soon found like-minded musicians who shared his visions and ideas. Thus, Nachtblut evolved into a real band. The line-up comprised Greif, Sacerdos, Skoll, and Lymania.
The band played their first concert in early 2007, which helped them achieve a great following outside their native Osnabrück. They continued to perform live and soon released their debut "Das erste Abendmahl" in June 2007. This collection of songs turned mere fans into disciples of the band. All over Germany, the dark scene could no longer turn a blind eye to the grim sounds of Nachtblut.
In the winter of 2007, the band opened up for the likes of Eisregen, Immortal, Sodom, Watain, Varg, and Endstille, to name but a few, helping Nachtblut become a major player in the underground scene. From its very beginnings, they were either met with love or hate. This polarization is due to Nachtblut’s attitude. While other bands will say something to provoke, Nachtblut provokes in order to make a point and draw the listener’s attention to a particular topic.
The concept album "Antik" was released in January 2009. The band was in charge of the recording and production at Trollheim Studio with the help of Ingo Hampf. With this release, the band was able to continue its path toward success, as more and more worshippers became part of the Nachtblut legion.
In 2011, Nachtblut signed a worldwide recording deal with the Austrian label Napalm Records, which entail the successful re-release of their album „Antik“. In cooperation with their new booking-agency „Extra Tours“, Nachtblut proved in several concerts, that they are also a spellbinding live-band.
Nachtblut did not take a break and started recording their third full-length studio-album „DOGMA“ in the beginning of 2012. On May 25th the highly anticipated album was released worldwide. Apposite to the release Nachtblut played on the famous summer festivals and went back to the clubs for headlining the DOGMA-Tour 2012 in autumn.

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Das Erste Abendmahl 
Antik - ReRelease 

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