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After the tragic death of Valfar, the rest of the Windir members decided to end Windir, and put their music into other projects.

Hváll has now formed a new band. The new band is named Vreid. Vreid is a Norwegian word for wrath. Vreid consists of the 3 Windir members Hváll(bass), Steingrim(drums), Sture (vocals/guitar) and a new guitarist named Ese. Ese has been a close friend of the Vreid members for years, and he was co-engineer on Windir’s “Likferd “album.

Hváll has written most of the material for the debut album entitled “KRAFT”. The music will be a natural continuance of the music Hváll has written for Windir & Ulcus, but will have its own personal sound. A mixture of the ambience of Windir the, the rawness of Norwegian black metal and the rocking groove of Sepultura, Metallica & Motorhead is a fitting description of the music of Vreid. The lyrics are in both in Norwegian and English.

Vreid have signed a deal with Tabu recordings for 3 albums. The debut album was recorded during the summer in Hváll’s new studio; Studio 1184, and was mixed at Subsonic Society Studio (Susperia, Windir, Red Harvest, Darkthrone etc..) in Oslo. Release is set to 4th of October 2004 in Norway, and 18th of October worldwide under exclusive license to Candlelight records. Expect an album of dark, aggressive and powerful Norwegian metal.

Vreid will do a Norwegian tour in October together with Enslaved, and will be playing at Wolf Lair’s 5 year anniversary festival in Oslo in November. Beware the beast that is Vreid unleashing its Wrath near you soon.

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