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IN MEDIAS RES (loosely speaking: Let's go baby !) is the title of the latest melody- and mystery-packed juggernaut of an album by German-Korean rock act KRYPTERIA, fronted by leadsinger Ji-In, a stunningly talented and breathtaking beauty.

Ji-In, who studied vocals and piano at the renowned Musikhochschule/Cologne, and her trio of band mates form one of Europe's hottest new live acts.

KRYPTERIA have a knack for bombastic rock songs and catchy melodies spiced up with mysterious atmospheres and classical elements such as their trademark Gregorian chants.

After teaming up in 2004 the cosmopolitan foursome has left amazed audiences in its wake ever since: Not only because they deliver high class power hymns that effortlessly crossover to the melodic genre, but also because they stage a surprisingly energetic and entertaining live performance that will rock your socks off.

Bewitching Ji-In, guitar-ace/multi-platinum decorated producer Chris, and the thunderous grooves of human dynamo Frank on bass and showboating drummer deluxe Cushy provide an epic feast for the ears, a killer show, plus infectious enthusiasm to boot all rolled into one.

Currently the band is preparing for their first full-fledged Asian tour.
Backed by a spectacular and celebrated promotional trip to Korea back in February KRYPTERIA are in hot demand in the Land of the Morning Calm, as documented by No.1 positions in the Hottracks international rock album charts, the video charts as well as the airplay charts.

Ready, willing, hungry and dangerous the eclectic foursome will hit stages all over Europe full-throttle later in 2006 as well - to further introduce themselves and to present a bunch of explosive new tracks:

That's when Ji-In will again paint sensually on the canvas of emotion, while six-stringer Chris, bassist Frank and drummer Cushy will work their rears off to rock the living daylight out of their audiences.

KRYPTERIA are passionate about their music and will leave no stone unturned when it comes to exploiting all of their creative resources in order to win over music aficionados everywhere.

Therefore they pledge to tackle their 2006 WACKEN debut with a full head of steam and an alligator smile:

So how about letting yourself be entertained, shaken and stirred by the German-Korean foursome ?

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In Medias Res 

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