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HELLFUELED was formed in Huskvarna, Sweden in 1998. Jocke and Kent had known each other for a thousand years and they've had jammed together since 1990...

Andy and Jocke met in high school and realized fast their common interest in Beer drinking and classic heavy metal. They contacted Henke and ask him if he wanted to play rhythm guitar in a band. Henke liked the idea and hooked up with the rest of the guys, and a band was born. Back then their influences were heavier music like Entombed and Cathedral. Andy played bass and "growled".

HELLFUELEDs first demo under the band name "BELOW" was recorded. The band used an old 4channel porta studio and they were real proud of the result. A song, "Magnetic Fields", from the demo was played in a big Swedish radio show called P3 Rock, and the guys felt that this is really working well. The next day they started jamming on new songs. They invested in a digital studio and bought a mixer (Korg D8 Porta Studio and old BROWN mixer from the 70´s). Just when everything felt great and the music kept coming, a band in New York contacted the guys and told them to change the name of the band. Andy, Jocke, Kent and Henke sat down and came up with the new band name FIREBUG. Then they moved on with the recording of their second demo called "Firebug". This demo had a very heavy sound and rather rough singing. Then the story repeated itself!! Another band from USA threatened with a lawsuit if they didn't change their name. The name change became a fact. And their new and final name became HELLFUELED. (Wow!)

HELLFUELED recorded a third and a fourth demo during 1999 and 2000. The HELLFUELED "sound" improved for every new demo they made. Jocke, who produced the songs, had developed a sound they all believed in and felt gave them an identity of their own.

A major boost came when HELLFUELED recorded their 6´th demo. The songs were air played and HELLFUELED felt that finally something was happening!

In 2003 HELLFUELED signed with "BLACK LODGE" and recorded their debut album "Volume One" in Studio Fredman i Gothenburg. Fredrik Nordström, producer (Arch Enemy, Dimmu Borgir, The Haunted, In Flames ,Hammerfall ) and Patrik J Steen, engineer did a fantastic job with HELLFUELED and the result kicked ***!!

In 2004 HELLFUELED recieved good reviews in Sweden as well as abroad. For example " Album of the month" in ROCK HARD (Germany) and in METAL HAMMER (Hungary), two page interview in BURRN Magazine (Japan) and so on..

BURRN-mag. (Japan) 83/100
ROCK HARD (Germany) 10 * DYNAMITE "Album of the month"
Metal Hammer (Hungary) 9/10
Metal Hammer (Germany) 7/10
Metal Heart (Germany) 5/7
Sweden Rock Mag. (Sweden) 7/10

As everything else these days about 90% of the reviews and interviews are posted on the internet..

HELLFUELED later on got voted "Best Newcommer Of The Year" by the readers of Germanys biggest metal magazine Rock Hard!

The video for "Midnight Lady" got really good rotation on television and is still today played on MTV´s SuperRock and Swedens ZTV!

"Midnight Lady" and other songs from "Volume One" also got heavy rotation on the radio as well.

Later on that year HELLFUELED got the chance to be Special Guest to EUROPE when they did their reunion tour.

HELLFUELED played big arenas all over Scandinavia and got many new fans on the way.

The summer 2005 Hellfueled played the Sweden Rock Festival , Rock Hard Festival in Germany, a mini tour with Mustasch , just to name a few gigs that year.

In spring 2005 the band once again teamed up with producer-demon Fredrik Nordstrom and Patrik J at famous Studio Fredman in Gothenbourg Sweden.

The result was brand new heavy HELLFUELED CD with a production like the band allways wanted to have... HEAVY!!!

Now the band had a lots of things to live up to and the new "Born II Rock" was the perfect start!

Born II Rock went the same way as the first CD and recived lots of good reviews all over the world. HELLFUELED once more went Album of the Month in Rock Hard Magazine Germany and so on.

In October/November the band did a European headling tour and played clubs all over Europe.

Now the band are ready to play some really powerfull summer festivals!

4/6: Gods of Metal, Italy
23/6: Bang Your Head, Germany
15/7: Arvika, Sweden
4/8: Wacken Open Air, Germany
5/8: Monsters of Rock, Bulgaria

After the summer, in the late autumn, Hellfueled will start the recording of their third full length album. The goal is to make the best and heaviest Hellfueled CD ever!

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Volume One 
Midnight Lady 
Born II Rock 

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