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Fleshgore was formed in November 2000 in Kiev , Ukraine . During 2001-2002 years Fleshgore successfully played at va rio us metal shows and festivals in Ukraine . In March-April '03 Fleshgore visited Berlin , where in Domino Studio their first album was recorded.

The debut CD "Killing Absorption" out in Oct. '03 as self release. Soon in August and November '03 the band drove in their first european mini tours, which was called as Killing Absorption Tour 2003 .

5th March czech-label Nice to Eat You Records re-released CD "Killing Absorption" and in March-April Grind'm All Tour 2004 with Fleshgore took place in Poland , Denmark , Germany , Ukraine .

Summer 2004, Fleshgore was invited at open air festivals in Europe such as: Obscene Extreme (Cz), Svet Nerezovi Oceli (Cz), More Than Fest (Sk), Merciless East Festival (Pl).
In September-October 2004 Fleshgore drive on All Over Absorbing European Tour 2004 together with belgian Prejudice and mexican Rottenness. Band successfully played in different European countries such as: Germany , Belgium , France , Spain , Portugal , Italy , Austria , Poland .

In February 2005 band recording a new album “ May God Stike Me Dead” in Hertz Stidio ( Poland ). New CD come out as license for CIS countries through Moon Records. During April-May 2005 band play Mega Strike Europe In Chaos Tour (38 days) all over the Europe with presentation “May God Strike Me Dead” album. In September 2005 band sign a deal with This Dark Reigh/Devil Doll Records (USA) for world wide release of CD “ May God Stike Me Dead” and re-release of “Killing Absorption”.

At this 5 years of hard working Ukrainian band make unbelievable progress for any bands from ex-USSR countries, Fleshgore played in 18 countries and released 2 full-length albums!

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Interuterine Dilemms 
Killing Absorption 
May God Strike Me Dead 

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