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black is the new black.

the world keeps turning but the obsessions remain. and it would definitely border a miracle if end of green should find their way leading them to a pleasant place after all. the german five piece still finds its passion and strength in the wake of self destruction.

somewhere between metal, goth rock, rock’n’roll and charming bits of independent music end of green have found their place. And they are still not about to participate in any flavour of the month discussions. instead of taking their ever existing pop appeal to town, end of green answer with their most impressive wall of sound so far - with an extraordinary sense for melody. their stunning new album dead end dreaming is a breathtaking rollercoaster ride through the dark corners of their hearts. a melancholic sledgehammer.

there’s broadband melancholy like cure my pain or sad song, catchy tunes like drink myself to sleep or dead end hero, emotional wrecking ball rock'n'roll like speed my drug or the epic gloom hymns like all about nothing. it’s about intensity, energy and soul. with the outstanding goth crooner michelle darkness they constantly follow their demons, not even thinking about what it might lead them to.

with grandeur end of green celebrate the dodgy glamour of real life. with all its fear, anger and the alienation. this indeed might not be very romantic. but considering that people usually do not wake up with proper makeup on - this seems to be a genuine look on real life. end of green are far from creating some blueprint of a happy life scenario. they are jejune. but i can’t help it: it is somehow beautiful.

with their previous efforts infinity, believe my friend, songs for a dying world and last night on earth, end of green made their selves a dark legend in the european underground scene. not only by playing more that 400 shows – it’s the intensity that makes them unique. end of green have a vision and they are not about to compromise.

dead end dreaming was produced by alexander krull (atrocity, leaves eyes) at his mastersound studio in stuttgart, germany. a collaboration that has worked out perfectly. end of green have never sounded more powerful.

most of the songs were written during intense soirees without any plan, thoughts or rules, uninhibited, naked and alarmingly deep. always on the edge. but that last glimpse of hope still included. the only thing that can stop end of green is the band itself. but i suppose they do not want to take it to that level. music that doesn't touch is a waste of time.

- leister simmons

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Believe My Friend 
Songs For A Dying World 
Last Night On Earth 
Dead End Dreaming 

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