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How do I get to Wacken Open Air?

Wacken is located approx. 50km northern from Hamburg, and you approach Wacken on the A23. Depending on the traffic situation you will be led by a dynamic traffic control system either over the exit Schenefeld or the exit Hanerau-Hademarschen with the least waiting time to the parking areas. Please follow the traffic control system on the highway and signs along the further arrival route!

It is in the interest of all festival visitors that you follow the instructions of the stewards and immediately leave the accesses again.

Please also use carpools.

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Arrival with own car (from Hamburg)

• A7 in direction towards Kiel (Elbtunnel) until Dreieck HH-Nordwest
• A23 in direction towards Heide until exit Schenefeld, Wacken (first exit after Itzehoe)
• from here on follow the signs to Wacken.

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Arrival with own car: (from Kiel)

• A215 in direction towards Neumünster
• afterwards follow the Bundesstraße 430 to Wacken (follow signs)

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Caravans, caravan combinations and heavy vehicles

For vehicles over 3,5 tons we provide special areas with a more solid and weight-bearing ground. Please only use these areas with your caravans, caravan combinations and heavy vehicles. Escort vehicles are principally permitted, groups therefore do not have to divide!

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Note for all users of navigation systems

For arrival please use these systems only until reaching our signposted arrival route. Afterwards please only trust our traffic control system. This is even more important for your departure! Because we need to make sure that you do not all take the same motorway. Therefore please follow the signs for departure, also if it seems to be a detour at first. Only start using the navigation systems after you reached the motorway. This will at least help in Northern Germany to avoid theSunday traffic jams. ATTENTION: We will use the A 23 and the A 7 as routes to the South!!!

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Daily parking

The same as last years we offer you parking space where you can park your car safely.

From the direction of A23 exit Wacken there will be a parking space for a day directly behind the Wacken town sign on the left corner of the Edeka (supermarket) parking space.

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For drop-off and pick-up there will be two Kiss&Ride stations this year: the first will be located in the street Dorfstraße in Gribbohm and the second in the street Mühlenweg in Wacken (close to the car wash).

ATTENTION: Stopping for drop-off and pick-up of people or for loading and unloading is PROHIBITED! Strict controls will be conducted and cars are being towed if necessary. The street Hauptstraße will be closed from Sunday, 04. August 00.00 h at night from the street Ziegeleiweg for the bus traffic, an access by car to the visitor entrance or bus station will not be possible!

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RSH traffic information for the festival

On time for the journey to the festival the R.SH, the largest private radio station in Northern Germany, is going to broadcast a special W:O:A traffic information.

Here you will regularly be provided with the most recent news concerning traffic jams, detours and everything else concerning your arrival to Wacken.

Coming from the South R.SH can be received from Hamburg onwards on the frequency 100.0 Mhz and coming from North from Heide onwards on the frequency 103.8 Mhz.

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Rental cars / Car rentals

Rental cars can be booked at the airport in Lübeck and at the airport in Hamburg and are the easiest way to travel to Wacken. If you are arriving from Lübeck you would not have detours to Hamburg when renting a car. Here are the links to the biggest car rentals, which have their branches all over the federal state Schleswig-Holstein:


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